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Myrrh and My Baby Tooth

doTerra essential oils: Clove, Frankincense, Myrrh, On Guard

Hustle #2 with Disclaimer

Disclaimer is right here up in front of the line, I am what DoTerra calls a Wellness Advocate and this is my Hustle #2. We mainly use essential oils for ourselves and I advise on what has worked for US here at home. I’m not a DR., I’ve had no training in essential oils except what I research for myself. Using DoTerra essential oils is for us to live a better healthier life at home instead of putting chemicals into our bodies or our environment.

doTERRA essential oils: Clove & On Guard

Photo: doTERRA essential oils: Clove & On Guard

Baby Teeth

Moving along, with my story. I have baby teeth, yes I’m a grown woman and have baby teeth, it’s genetics, I have one on either side of my bottom teeth.  I do not have adult teeth beneath them. My brother has baby teeth and so does, I mean, so did my mom.

I go to the dentist regularly, all was good and fine until I started teaching Dublin to floss. Mind you I didn’t floss regularly like I should. You know laziness, we all lie on the dentist chair what’s wrong with this little lie. Well, something happened while flossing that my gum would hurt. Hurt became uncomfortable and then I just couldn’t chew on that side. WTH! I would treated it with doTERRA Clove essential oil to numb it or maybe doTERRA On Guard essential oil but it was just uncomfortable. When swelling would go down and I would try to eat on that side, it would swell up again. Annoying!

Dentist appointment

I made an appointment with the dentist, new dentist always means new x-rays.  Lo-and-behold, I was told that this tooth had to come out because the root was almost gone.  “The tooth has served you well for all these years, you need a bridge”, says the dentist. Say what?  I previous dentist that I LOVED once told me “if the tooth last past 35 years old you’ll have it forever”.  Ok, I believe him and I would like to keep my tooth please.

Do you know what a bridge is and what they do and how much it cost? They want to ruin two side teeth to put a bridge where my baby tooth was.  So I’ll have 3 ruined teeth! uh no.  The other route is a post, drill a hole where the root was and screw a new one in. This sounds better but the cost!  I’ve looked up dentists in Tijuana Mexico and found someone with lots of Yelp reviews and high star ratings but I’m still not giving up on this tooth!

Essential oils trial 2

doTERRA Frankincense & Myrrh

PHOTO: doTERRA Frankincense & Myrrh

I dug around a bit more and found that Frankincense essential oil would help. It did, the swelling would go down, the hurting stopped but if I tried to eat on that side it would start all over again and that stuff is pretty bad tasting.  I kept researching and found that Myrrh essential oil has been the cure all for centuries and was even one of the gifts when Jesus was born. Winner, winner.  I tried that and within days the pain and swelling was gone and could eat again without a problem or the re-occurrence of the problem.  Now lets see if my gum under the tooth is healed on next visit.


Curiosity Builds Awareness

Watercolor Treble Clefs, circa 1992

Now that I’ve been diving into self development books and working to be a better person to myself and to others. I’ve stopped to think “Where does me truly come from?”, “Where was I, where am I going?”

This is me in high school, in the bad room.

This is me in high school, in the bad room.

High School Years

In my mind, I believe I was “hard to read”, were you thinking (if you are reading this and you know me) “Are you happy, upset… I can’t tell” What did it matter to you how I felt? You are either going to like me for me and my shitty ass attitude or my smiling fucking face once you got to know me and I opened up to you. If I feel a wall between us, no fucking way am I opening up. That’s just who I was, or how I felt I was towards everyone. I know I may have scared some people away because of it, didn’t make many friends, I don’t think, but that’s who I felt I was, then.

Cruisin' Long Beach Harbor

Cruisin’ Long Beach Harbor

Fast forward 20+ years…

WOW, what a bitch I was. I can say that about me now because I know what my attitude was like and yes, the wall. The wall of insecurities, we all have one and hide behind it or go behind it every once in a while. I catch myself hiding behind it sometimes and then wonder why? Why am I not open with everyone I meet, they have the right to know who I am, where I come from, maybe we have similarities. Maybe we have the same goals and ambitions… we just need to talk. Let’s have coffee, let’s talk about YOU. Who are you? What do you like to do? How are the kids? How are your parents, dead, alive? am I getting to nosy, too personal? Are you building your wall towards me as you read this? Yes, I can tell.  I’ll stop…

Mindful Meditation

I started being more curious about people when I started meditating after I got laid off, I had more time for me and my awareness.  5 minutes to start and get used to this meditation stuff.  Then it grew to 15 and 30 minutes. Not daily, now-a-days I’m too rushed for daily.  The only time I did daily was when I started Kundalini Yoga at the park, that was really fun.  Meditation, has calmed me.  Has helped me see deeper into people without them having to say anything. <smile>

Curiosity builds awareness

I believe curiosity about each other builds awareness. However, I hope you understand I do have to ask, I do have to “get nosy” to get to who you are, what makes you go? What makes your essence, I ask for curiosity, I ask because I love what you are doing, where you are going or I just love your being, your essence… or maybe I’d like to help, or or or. Is it inappropriate? I won’t know until you tell me or I sense it, again I’ll stop but remember curiosity builds awareness and we learn from each other so stop hating the questions that come at you, just ask Why?

Planner vs Journaling

Composition notebook, Happy Planner & Full Focus Planner

In my last post I mentioned planners and journaling and how I have issues with both of those styles. Let’s chat about them for a bit.

The Corporate World

While being in the corporate world I heavily relied on my Franklin Covey Monarch binder system.  Everything was in this planner, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g: meeting, calls, work assignments, maybe a lunch.  I used it for 3 or 4 years with dedication. I planned the day before I left, looked at it in the morning to reassess priorities.

Once I was let go life changed, the need for this monstrous planner did not fit my lifestyle.  I had more time for building our businesses, volunteer at  school, crafting, lunches, networking and family time. Since I wanted to have all this going on I had to find time, productive time.

Journal Writing

I did a bit of research on journaling and thought this would be my ticket. Journaling provided me the ability to have a to-do list, keep track of various things like: reading, water intake, steps, meditating. THIS, however, was thought out and it just seemed so tedious that I didn’t even try. *sigh*

I’m press for time to do A – Z, I have no time to be designing! I know I have 168 Hours in a day and I would like to maximize that. Journaling seemed to take up a chunk so on we move to find something else.

Happy Planner calendar section

Happy Planner calendar section

Happy Planner

My next attempt was The Happy Planner by Me and My Big Ideas. I had seen it pop up in my Pinterest feed and I loved it! The Happy Planner had the ability to add pages when necessary, it had a calendar, I could be CREATIVE. I was in heaven. I created my own meal planner with grocery list, a sheet to write quotes when I would read books because writing in books is EVIL! A page that list my ideas for crafts because who needs Pinterest for that. I carried this everywhere and it grew and it grew. The calendar wasn’t as useful after a while since my schedule is flexible and ever changing, it eventually got abandoned.  The binder became too big for me to carry and it didn’t fit nicely in my purse. It became bulky and the pages we getting loose. Next.

Full Focus

Full Focus Planner

PHOTO: Full Focus Planner

In  comes the Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt. This planner is to be used on a quarterly basis which I thought was a great idea, who plans for the whole year?  Ok, I kinda do as one of our business has conferences every quarter and monthly trainings.  The video I saw was very intriguing as to how it was structured. The planner had pages for a to do list, time allocation, goals, achievements for the week, weekend plans and how to change things up. Lovely! I actually had to think about what I was actually doing. Structure to all my hustles was now here! Hallelujah!

Meh. I stopped using it after three months. I did learn that my days are repetitive with changing parts due to the types of hustles I’m doing.  My times are flexible to move components, so a 9-5 workday schedule doesn’t really work., half a page is dedicated to a 9-5 schedule.

As I write this piece I think I’ll revisit this planner.  I’ll watch more videos that are available and see what I can do to restructure my days.  There are components that I love and quarterly sounds about right for changes in lifestyle, likes and business items.

I’ll let you know in 90 days if I’ve continued with the Full Focus Planner or if I’ve moved on to something else.

Hustle #1

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Hello world!

LAX Create Art. Destroy Order poster

Hello world! Such a cliche for starting a new blog, or shall I say a revisit.
If you missed it, I wrote a few pages years ago when I got laid off and then I got busy with life and here I am again.  My days run one at time with almost the same things happening daily yet I manage to think in either Facebook post or short blogs in my head. So here I am actually putting it down on “paper” instead of my journal / planner. We’ll get to journals and planners in a post shortly because I have issues with them!

I tend to ramble, I’ll try not too… but anyway, I recently posted that I was starting a blog again and was asked what type… IDK, I like a lot of things, crafting, cooking, networking… so I’ve been told this is a Lifestyle blog! You’ll see me post a lot about a lot, as a friend said I’m a “hustler” so yes, eventually I’ll try to sell you something or turn you on to something you never new existed.

Until another day, time for bed as I have a morning networking event!