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Farewell Letter

Watercolor Treble Clefs, circa 1992

What a summer this was, but more on that next week.  This week something major happened that caught my attention due to what I heard on the radio about John McCain.  If you haven’t read about him Wikipedia is good but I may buy a memoir.  I’ve never in my life dug around a politicians life to learn more besides Queen Elizabeth II after watching The Crown.

A bit comical but shows his power that in death he’ll still fight the fight for our political rights and in his final letter show, that we as a people can still and should come together.

Above is the video of his friend Rick Davis reading his final farewell letter, I opted to read it myself first and by me reading it it had more power than watching someone else read it, sorry Mr. Davis.  What stuck home to me was a paragraph towards the end.  John McCain was sticking it to Trump but in a way it resonated with the struggles that I think we all go through personally.

We weaken our greatness when we confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries that have sown resentment and hatred and violence in all the corners of the globe. We weaken it when we hide behind walls, rather than tear them down, when we doubt the power of our ideals, rather than trust them to be the great force for change they have always been.

Now take this same speech and substitute “patriotism” with “ideology”, “religion” or whatever you want to substitute it with that peeves you.  We have to get past ourselves and look beyond to the greatness of what and who we are.

I’m looking forward to hearing President Obama and President Bush give their speech, I’m sure it will be strong and powerful and something as a Nation we need to hear.