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Watercolor Treble Clefs, circa 1992

With schools closed in Southern California a lot of parents, including me, are scrambling to find things for our kids to do. I normally plan ahead of time for summer but obviously this is not summer and this was not planned. However, at this time, I am treating it as “summer break” and following my own schedule.

There is a lot of posts on Facebook about resources while children are out of school that I thought I would compile them all here on one page. I will add as they come up or that I find so keep coming back.

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I don’t have wi-fi / internet for my child’s tablet, old phone or computer.

If you don’t have a home wi-fi connection you can use your phone to tether. Tethering allows you to give other devices access to the internet securely with a password. Here is a video showing you how to connect devices to your phone – This method does use up your data if you are on a data plan.

Spectrum offer internet to low income. I saw an image stating that they were offering free internet if you had a student, please call to confirm





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