Where Did Summer Go?

Buckled in and ready

Time sure does fly! Our summer came and went in the blink of an eye and everything seemed to have been done within a 4 week period! LOL

The Start

The start to our summer was nice and mellow, swim classes in the morning, swim team session in the afternoons.  Dublin had to be at his swim team session at a particular time which narrowed where we could be for our field trips.  Almost everything I had was going to put us far from home and we couldn’t be stuck in traffic L.A. traffic nor did I want a wiped out kid.  Our outing options narrowed QUICKLY and my list from Planning Summer Break went out the door.

We did manage to go to the park twice! Thanks to my SIL (sister-in-law) Alba and my friend, Jodi. Don’t worry though we did manage to get out of the house and drive around town, mainly for business but we were out and I tried to make it fun.

Traveling and Swim Meets

In between swim and and business we did manage some traveling. Sean and I took a weekender to North Carolina to visit friends and eat lots of BBQ. BBQ was AMAZING and would definitely fly out just for that.

whole hog at Picnic North Carolina

PHOTO: Whole hog being picked apart literally at Picnic in North Carolina

Right after that we were home for a few days to get us to our first swim meet.  The swim meet was part of the LA 84 Foundation, they are recognized nationally for supporting youth sport programs.  Dublin was given a scholarship to train and attend the meets for free.  If we miss the meets he’s not invited back, period! For our first event he got 3rd in Butterfly, 5th in Freestyle and 6th in Backstroke, all events were 25 yards so they were a good starter.

1st swim meet at Belmont Plaza in Long Beach

PHOTO: This was Dublin’s 1st swim meet at Belmont Plaza in Long Beach, CA. Pictured here with his medal and 2 ribbons.

A few days later we’re off on a family and friends vacation to Acapulco! Couldn’t beat the price we got, $420 for 8 days in a private resort. This was not per day, full week! However, this vacation was right before a 2nd swim meet that Dublin had so he had to practice in the pool while guests were enjoying their time.  Dublin practiced for an hour everyday before he could have his fun time.  Enjoy the photos of our trip below.

Where has the time gone?

Watercolor Treble Clefs, circa 1992

This wasn’t turning into a reflective day but in researching something for our business I had to look up what week we were in for the year. Week 26, halfway through the year, 26 weeks left…


I know the first half of the year had tons of obstacles for us, we managed them and continue to power through.  As an obstacle arises I hear a voice from audios I’ve listened too – “Obstacles build posture”. So true to that statement, it makes me stop and actually learn from it and how to better handle the situation for next time.  Of course hoping there is no next time.  Seriously!


Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins

PHOTO: Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins

I can’t really say I feel accomplished halfway through, I have so many things on my list that getting them all done by the end of the year will be a challenge in itself.  I sit here and laugh a bit because one of the goals was to read one book a month.  Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins is kicking my butt I’m not into it, maybe because it’s speaking truth? It’s staring at me right now, which is why I laugh.

I know I have

  • reworked our main site
  • got this site up and running
  • I’m creating residual income opportunities
  • set a summer break schedule that is working
  • crafting more

I’m far from saying I’m feeling accomplished for everything but I’m also not beating myself up for not “achieving”.  The day is full of greatness as well as obstacles and like water I just flow with it.

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Curiosity Builds Awareness

Watercolor Treble Clefs, circa 1992

Now that I’ve been diving into self development books and working to be a better person to myself and to others. I’ve stopped to think “Where does me truly come from?”, “Where was I, where am I going?”

This is me in high school, in the bad room.

This is me in high school, in the bad room.

High School Years

In my mind, I believe I was “hard to read”, were you thinking (if you are reading this and you know me) “Are you happy, upset… I can’t tell” What did it matter to you how I felt? You are either going to like me for me and my shitty ass attitude or my smiling fucking face once you got to know me and I opened up to you. If I feel a wall between us, no fucking way am I opening up. That’s just who I was, or how I felt I was towards everyone. I know I may have scared some people away because of it, didn’t make many friends, I don’t think, but that’s who I felt I was, then.

Cruisin' Long Beach Harbor

Cruisin’ Long Beach Harbor

Fast forward 20+ years…

WOW, what a bitch I was. I can say that about me now because I know what my attitude was like and yes, the wall. The wall of insecurities, we all have one and hide behind it or go behind it every once in a while. I catch myself hiding behind it sometimes and then wonder why? Why am I not open with everyone I meet, they have the right to know who I am, where I come from, maybe we have similarities. Maybe we have the same goals and ambitions… we just need to talk. Let’s have coffee, let’s talk about YOU. Who are you? What do you like to do? How are the kids? How are your parents, dead, alive? am I getting to nosy, too personal? Are you building your wall towards me as you read this? Yes, I can tell.  I’ll stop…

Mindful Meditation

I started being more curious about people when I started meditating after I got laid off, I had more time for me and my awareness.  5 minutes to start and get used to this meditation stuff.  Then it grew to 15 and 30 minutes. Not daily, now-a-days I’m too rushed for daily.  The only time I did daily was when I started Kundalini Yoga at the park, that was really fun.  Meditation, has calmed me.  Has helped me see deeper into people without them having to say anything. <smile>

Curiosity builds awareness

I believe curiosity about each other builds awareness. However, I hope you understand I do have to ask, I do have to “get nosy” to get to who you are, what makes you go? What makes your essence, I ask for curiosity, I ask because I love what you are doing, where you are going or I just love your being, your essence… or maybe I’d like to help, or or or. Is it inappropriate? I won’t know until you tell me or I sense it, again I’ll stop but remember curiosity builds awareness and we learn from each other so stop hating the questions that come at you, just ask Why?