Hello world!

LAX Create Art. Destroy Order poster

Hello world! Such a cliche for starting a new blog, or shall I say a revisit.
If you missed it, I wrote a few pages years ago when I got laid off and then I got busy with life and here I am again.  My days run one at time with almost the same things happening daily yet I manage to think in either Facebook post or short blogs in my head. So here I am actually putting it down on “paper” instead of my journal / planner. We’ll get to journals and planners in a post shortly because I have issues with them!

I tend to ramble, I’ll try not too… but anyway, I recently posted that I was starting a blog again and was asked what type… IDK, I like a lot of things, crafting, cooking, networking… so I’ve been told this is a Lifestyle blog! You’ll see me post a lot about a lot, as a friend said I’m a “hustler” so yes, eventually I’ll try to sell you something or turn you on to something you never new existed.

Until another day, time for bed as I have a morning networking event!